Your Econic Dashboard

This article explains the features of the Dashboard:

  1. The Home Screen in your Mobile App
  2. Accessing the Register, your POS
  3. Econic Messages
  4. Logging into your Online Dashboard
  5. Your data in the Dashboard
  6. Your Sales and Workflow Notifications
  7. Printing your QR Code signs
  8. The Online Register

You have two ways to view the dashboard:

The Home screen in the mobile app and the online dashboard, which is where you can manage your digital business.

1. The App Home Screen

You can stay up to date with your daily results by tapping on the Home icon which shows your daily Dashboard in the Overview section. Displayed here is a test image.

On the home screen you can swipe through your daily revenue, sales and customers

Below the charts you can see the value of orders that are open and closed.

2. The Register – Your Mobile POS

2. Tap on Register to access your Econic POS. The Register allows you to take cash or cards from anyone, whether they have a Econic account or not.

Click here for more info about the mobile Register.

3. Your Messages

Messages is an important feature that allows us to stay in touch with you. Here you will get notifications that can help you improve your business, see the latest local businesses that join the Econic and provide updates on your business results.

4. Logging into the Online Dashboard

For a detailed view and access to Management Features, you will need to log in to your online Dashboard.

You were issued a temporary pin number, 1234. If you haven’t already, please login and reset your pin

You can also access the online dashboard by scanning the QR code in app from another mobile device – we recommend a tablet.

Your QR codes can be found by tapping on Invite Customers in the My Business menu.

5. The Data in your Online Dashboard

The secure online dashboard displays a graph that shows trends for your Revenue, Transactions and Customers. Each of these variables can be seen over time, from a day to a year. We look at your Econic business as a trendline, not as a static thing. We want to see you trending up month after month. Here is a view from one of our test businesses.

6. Sales and Workflow Notifications

The Bell icon is your link to Order Notifications.

The number in the orange notification circle displays the amount of current orders.

With each purchase from your business, you will receive a Econic alert and an Order Notification for you to act upon. The Notifications are arranged across three stages of Workflow.

Best practice is to have a web connected tablet handy so you will be able to respond to the notifications as they arrive and manage the workflow around the orders.

Click here for more information about order notifications and managing workflow

7. Your QR Code Signs

The online dashboard includes QR code signs that you can customize, download and print.

Click here to learn how to customize and print your free QR code signs.

8. The Online Register

Click or Tap on Register in the Dashboard menu to access our built in POS system.

The POS will display any products listed in your storefront catalog and you can add a product on the spot.

Click here to learn how to use the Register in your Online Dashboard.

Click here to learn how to use the Register in the Econic mobile app.

Customer and Order Lists

We make it as easy as possible to maintain and own your customers.

The Customer List and Order List can be accessed from the Dashboard menu. These are running lists of all the customers who have purchased from you through your Econic mobile business and all sales you have made.

Click here to learn how to manage your Customer Lists

Click here to learn how to manage your Order List