Using the Mobile Register

This article explains how to use the Econic POS in your smartphone:

  1. Accessing the Register
  2. Adding Products
  3. Selling From the Cart
  4. Selecting Payment Method
  5. Paying by Credit Card

Your Econic Register functions as a POS in the palm of your hand. This is an extremely useful function for flea market vendors that have many items for sale and may negotiate the final price. If you have a shop with many products and only feature your best deals in your Econic storefront, you can very quickly add a product in the Register and sell it on the spot.

1. Accessing the Register

Tap on Register in your home screen to display the POS system.

Any product that you have listed in your storefront will appear in the screen, along with + Add Product. You can sell any of your existing products, or you can Add a Product your customer wants to buy that is not yet listed.

2. Adding Products to the Register

Tap on + Add Product

The add product window appears.

Enter the Name of the item and a Description.

Then add the Price and select the Quantity your are selling.

Tap Add to Cart to continue with the sale.

3. Selling the Product from the Cart

With the product in the cart, you can Tap on Checkout to finalize the sale.

4. Selecting Payment Method

For your convenience, we support both Cash and Credit Card. By selecting either option, an invoice is created.

If your customer is paying cash, you will be able to take the cash, generate a receipt and have a record of the sale in your Dashboard accounting.

If your customer is paying by credit card, tap on Pay to access the Credit Card payment screen.

5. Paying by Credit Card

To complete the credit card transaction, enter all the information requested on the screen.

The Email and Name of the customer as it appears on the card.

Card Number, Expiration and CVC

And finally their address details.

These details are all required by our payment processor to authenticate the transaction.