Using The Online Register

Tap on Register in the Dashboard menu to access our built in POS system. With our frictionless payment system that allows your customers to scan a QR code to pay in their phone with the payment method of their choice, this will be the easiest way to make free Econic transactions to customers who have not signed up to our app.

This article will show you how to Add Products and Make Sales with the online register:

  1. Your Online Register
  2. Adding Products
  3. Selling from the Register
  4. Collecting Payment
  5. Customer Pay by QR Code
  6. Cash Payments

Click here to learn how to use the Register in the Econic mobile app.

The register gives you the flexibility to use Econic to generate no fee transactions for any customer, whether they have the Econic app or not.

Your customers can Pay Cash or use Credit Cards to buy any product or service you have already listed in your storefront, or you can quickly add a new item and sell it on the spot.

Adding a Product to the Register

Tap on + Add Product to launch the Add Product Window.

Tap in the pencil Edit button to Enter the name of the item and a short description.

Specify whether you are selling a Good or a Service, enter the Price and the amount or time for purchase.

Select the Product Tax Code and Add New Item.

This will add the item to your Register screen.

Selling from the Register

Tap on any item in register to sell it or Deactivate it.

Checkout Process

Quick Buy is for the sale of the one item you’ve selected.

Add to Cart allows you to add additional items for sale.

Tap on the Cart Icon to complete the sale.

This will open the cart and allow you to checkout.

Collecting Payment

Prior to completing the sale you are asked to select Stripe, which offers credit and debit card or Cash.

Stripe payment processing requires customer information.

Add customer details and tap on Proceed to Payment button

Pay by QR Code

Your customer can pay on their device or yours.

Select Customer Device and turn your device to face the customer so they can scan the QR code and securely pay in their own device with ApplePay or any card they have.

Once they’ve paid, they are notified and so are you.

Pay with Cash

When you choose Cash, your customer can offer you a tip.

Tap on Create Order to continue to the Payment Screen.

Tap on Send Order to complete the cash transaction. You will be notified of the sale and the transaction will be entered into your orders.