Selling the Econic App to Your Customers

This article explains some of the ways you can invite your customers to join the Econic:

  1. Explaining Econic to your customers
  2. Try this Sales Pitch
  3. Sell the local advantage
  4. Sell the features that are new to your business
  5. The Econic Advantage

1. Explaining this new app to your Customers

Above all else, Econic is a very simple and convenient loyalty rewards program for your customers. Our AI pricing engine rewards loyal customers toby giving them discounts. Your customers get better deals, while keeping their money local. Econic is all about local commerce, so they get a better deal, you do better and so does your community.

2. Our Suggested Sales Pitch

Join our New Loyalty Rewards Program

  • The more you buy through the app the more you save
  • You will get app only, loyalty specials
  • You get better deals when you buy from me in the app
  • Buy on the go or from home, Econic makes it convenient to buy from me
  • You can schedule pickups and deliveries right in the app now

With this pitch, you appeal to your loyal customers and let them know this is your new loyalty program and the best way for a loyal customer to buy from you. When they buy through the app, their loyalty is automatically applied to every purchase. They will get discounts and offers for deals that are only available in the app through this loyalty program. The app also creates deals from the products they buy more often, making repeat purchases easier and often at lower cost – while retaining your margin.

Bottom line, the pricing engine in Econic gets your most loyal customers the best deals to make sure they will buy more from you.

67 cents on the dollar spent locally stays local. When people buy from an ecommerce or big box store, money leaves, jobs leave, wages go down. The people that benefit from ecommerce are not your neighbors. The people that benefit from local commerce are the people you know.

3. Sell the local advantage and impact

Econic is about local selling and buying. You are part of a network of merchants and customers who want to keep spend local where it does the most good for you and your neighbors. Your customers are supporting the local economy when they buy from a Econic powered merchant. This is a message that appeals to almost everyone today. Make sure your customers connect buying in Econic to buying local and keeping money local.

4. Sell Econic the way you use Econic

The ways in which you can talk about Econic also depends on your business and how will use Econic.

  • Do you have a large, loyal customer base that would like to have a loyalty program with you?
  • Will you offer pickup and delivery through the app?
  • Are you selling services?
  • Are you offering digital customer experience for the very first time?

Talk about these features with your customers. Customers today are used to buying in app, loyalty rewards and delivery and will be glad that you offer these options. The more customers that transact through Econic, the less you pay in fees to other platforms. If you are converting cash customers to Econic, you will benefit from converting cash to digital sales, which provides many benefits to your business.

5. The Econic Advantage to your customers

A few last tips that sum up the advantages of buying with your Econic powered app:

Explain to your customers that they will have a better, more convenient experience using the app to buy your goods and services.

This is a covid-proof, contactless option to buy from you.

The loyalty discounts are inflation-busters. Everywhere else prices are going up. Econic reduces your cost of sales and rewards loyalty.

This is your loyalty program for your best customers. They will earn better loyalty discounts the more they buy from you through the app.

This is about buying and selling local and keeping money in the community, where it can be used for things that matter to you locally.

One popular way to introduce your customers to using the app is to create app only deals they can’t get any other way. Like bundles and time sensitive deals.

If you do delivery, you can make this an app only option to promote usage of the app.