Preparing to Sign Up with Econic

This article lists all the information you need to signup for your Econic business

  1. A Real Business in 15 Minutes
  2. Why we Need this Information
  3. The List of Information for Signup

1. You are creating a real business in 15 minutes

Econic creates a real digital business in 15 minutes that can take payments from customers and receive the funds to your account. While Econic is certainly the easy way to do business digitally – this is a serious and professional platform that requires you to prepare your signup process.

2. Why we need all this information

We create a payment processing account for you. We don’t keep your data – it goes directly to the processor and the funds from your sales go directly into your bank account. We apply strict verification and know your customer processes to safeguard you and your business.

Let’s prepare these materials now. It will be easier if you arrange the information so you have it in hand.

The signup process takes around 15 minutes and several screens.

3. The List of Information

  • Know which type of business you operate
    • private individual
    • LLC, C Corp, S Corp, etc.
    • Non Profit
  • Commit your business details to paper
    • Name, Address, Phone Number
    • EIN for existing business
    • SSN for private
    • Your business or social media web URL
    • The SSN and address of the primary owner of the business if it’s not you
  • Write down your bank account details
    • Name of account holders
    • Routing and Account numbers
  • A Valid ID
    • Take pictures of both sides of a Valid ID and have them available in your phone photo gallery. The app does not support use of the camera at this time.
  • Your products and services
    • at least one good picture in your photo gallery that represents a product or service you offer
    • you will be able to fully configure your store after you finish setting up your account

When you have finished setting up your account, you will have a fully functional business in the palm of your hand.