Order Notifications and Customizing Your Workflow

This article will show you how to manage your sales notifications and workflow:

  1. Order Notifications
  2. Checking Notifications
  3. Managing Notifications

1. Order Notifications

We call them Notifications and they are an important feature of your online dashboard. They update you to incoming orders once a transaction has been successfully processed.

You will receive a Econic push notification to alert you.

We suggest maintaining awareness of these notifications. On iOS devices you will need to access your settings to enable the notifications to make a sound.

2. Checking Notifications

You can manage your Notifications and update the Settings in the online dashboard. Use your computer or a tablet in your place of business to keep track of orders and easily manage them.
Best Practices in a retail or busy setting would be to have a device open to the Notifications at all times to provide the best possible customer service.

There are three stages for Notifications that we have labeled:

  • New
  • Pending
  • Done

3. Managing Your Notifications

Tap on the arrow next to an order to preview the item.

Tap on View Full Details to see the complete order ticket

To change the status of the order, tap on Pending or Done. The order comes into the system as New. You can view orders by their status: