In Store Operations with Econic

This article will explain best practices using Econic in your store:

  1. In Store Signage
  2. Selling Econic to your customers
  3. Managing your goods for sale
  4. In Store Pickup Procedures
  5. Delivery Procedures
  6. Services Operations Procedures
  7. Managing your Notifications

1. In Store Signage and App Promotion

  • Download QR code signage from your dashboard  
  • You can do that here:
  • Log in with your account details
  • Print the Econic-standard signage that already includes your business name, logo and customer invitation QR code
  • Place them around in your store, in your website, social media channels or however you do business

Click here to learn how to print your QR code signs.

2. How to Sell the Econic app to your Customers

  • This is a loyalty program for your best customers. They will earn better loyalty discounts the more they buy from you.
  • Your customers will have a better, more convenient experience using the app to buy your goods and services.
  • This is about buying and selling local and keeping money in the community, where it matters.

Click here for more information on selling Econic to your customers.

3. Managing your Goods

  • When possible, package your goods to allow simple app-based sales. Not every product type is easy for store owners or operators to sell digitally and fulfill quickly.
    • Perishable or goods sold by weight can be packaged and priced in a standard manner for app sales.  For instance, you can prepare 1 lb. containers of your most popular food items, or pre-package Pints of Ice Cream that can be sold and easily picked up or delivered.
    • Perishable or goods sold by weight that do not lend themselves to a predefined container could be sold in intervals of small, medium, large, x-large units to make it faster and easier for you to service your customers and provide them the deals they are looking for
  • Once a customer’s mobile order is fulfilled, clear the notification to acknowledge the fulfillment
  • You may want to print out the proof of purchase or order

4. In-Store Pickup

  • Place Econic Pickup signage at the register or other locations where regular customer engagement occurs
  • If possible, provide a unique traffic pattern for Econic customers to simplify pickups and reduce friction in the store
  • Orders should be pre-packed and made ready for pickup
  • Bags or other packaging for Econic orders should be sealed and easily identifiable
  • If you print out the proof of purchase, you may want to attach it to the package

5. Delivery

  • Orders are packed and made ready for Delivery in a specific place in the store
  • Bags (if used) should be sealed and ready for delivery in a manner to prevent damage or spoilage

6. Services Operations

  • In the app, make the Services descriptions clear and concise, including variations in duration
  • Ordering services through the app is prepaid; therefore, it is important to fulfill the services as described
  • Set business hours to provide hours of operation for scheduling
  • Examine your customers proof of purchase for purchased service date, time, duration and service address

7. Managing your Notifications

  • It is important to stay on top of your mobile orders. You can do that in your online dashboard. It has been designed to be accessible on a tablet that you may be on your counter, from your laptop or your mobile phone. The notifications are critical to tracking and fulfilling your mobile orders and providing the best customer experience.

Click here to learn about managing notifications and workflow.