Adding Services to Your Econic Shop

This article will show you how to add goods to your Econic storefront:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Step One – The Product
  3. Explaining Deal Types
  4. Step Two – Y Intelligence
  5. Step 3 – Completing the Profile
  6. Step 4 – Slow and Busy Times

1. Getting Started – Setting up your first service

When you first sign up, you will only add one service– it should be your best seller. Our AI learns a lot about your business by knowing what sells best.

You will be able to add more items after your store is set up through the Operations Menu, which is available in the Hamburger menu.

2. Step One – The Service

  • Upload a photo of your service
  • Enter the name and the store price
  • Add a short description that will make your customers want to buy it
  • Select your Deal Type from the drop down menu. More about Deal Types at the end of this article.

3. Explaining the Deal Types

The system provides you with three Deal Types to chose from:

  • Local Deals – Blue deals, are based on how close the customer is to you
  • Daily Deals – Green deals, these drive engagement and repeat purchases
  • Special Deals – Red Deals, holidays, events, service on demand, or when you discount to move inventory

A fourth deal type, Buy Again, is created by the Econic AI based on previous purchases. This is our way to automate repeat buying patterns.

4. Step Two – Pricing Engine

The price at which a good or service is sold by our pricing engine, depends on the loyalty of the customer and their buying behaviors.

This feature is just like surge pricing, where a customer pays more when there is high demand during rush hour for a ride share. The pricing engine protects your margins and helps you make more money.

This feature is automatically enabled. When you enter your price for the product, it will calculate the minimum and maximum prices and show you. We strongly suggest you keep this enabled and see what it can do for your business.

5. Step Three – Completing your service profile

  • Select Service in the first drop down menu
  • Select the right Tax Code so we can calculate sales tax correctly. This is a long list, so go through it carefully.
  • Specify the Unit you sell by, such as Time
  • Chose the Measure, such as 15 minute increments
  • Add the Number of Providers who offer this service in your business
  • Swipe to continue

6. Step Four – Pricing for Busy and Slow Times

When you set up your services, we provide the option to arrange the busy and slow times of the day where you can adjust pricing if you’d like.

Check the box to activate the pricing option.

Tap on the Let’s Do It button.

Click here to learn how to set prices for busy and slow times.