Pricing Engine

Our real time AI pricing engine generates more demand and revenue for your business.

We automatically offer the best prices, helping improve your business results.

When you set up products, we have enabled a pricing engine for you. This is our AI pricing engine that automatically lowers prices for your most loyal customers and raises prices during times of high demand. This price optimization and maximizes the value of your business and serves to retain your best customers.

The price at which a good is sold by our pricing engine, depends on the loyalty of the customer and their buying behaviors. This feature is just like surge pricing, where a customer pays more when there is high demand during rush hour for a ride share and less when it’s slow or they are very loyal. The pricing engine protects your margins and helps you make more money.

This feature is automatically enabled. When you enter a price for the product, it will calculate the minimum and maximum prices and show you.

We strongly suggest you keep this enabled and see how it helps your business.