Marketing your Econic mobile business

Your Econic powered business is optimized to service local customers you already know and who are up to 5 miles from your listed place of business. These are people you already trust to buy from you. Ask them to scan your QR code when you see them or when they enter your place of business. This is the easiest way to onboard customers.

Let people know about your Econic business by posting your QR code in your website, social media accounts and posting printouts wherever you can.

Our AI engine increases your value to each other and automates the sales process. As your local Econic Chapter grows, the engine will begin matching more and more relevant local customers to your business. We do not charge for this.

We want to help you grow your business the best way we can and help support your local economy. The best thing you can do is convert as many of your existing customers to your mobile business and when you are happy with your result, let your neighborhood merchants know. The more Econic members, the better for everyone.