How your deals work

Econic AI identifies the best goods and services you can buy from your Econic merchants. They reward you with great deals that can save you money, rewards your loyalty and make it easier for you to buy the things you want.

The Four Deal Types

Daily Deals – also called Blue Deals – represent what’s on sale. These deals promote products or services that are available now. They can be Daily Deals, Spot Sales, Clearances, anything that will get you interested to check out the deal.

Local Deals – also called Green Deals – these are deals from the businesses closest to you. These deals should be of interest to you based on your purchase history.

Schedule Deals – also called Red Deals – this is all about you buying at your convenience. In this deal type you will find services to schedule, whether it’s an appointment for pick-up, take out or delivery, or events. You will also book services like plumbing, nails and haircuts from any local business.

Buy Again – these are convenient 1-Click Rebuys. Econic AI creates these deals based solely on your favorite products and services.

Your Econic powered merchants may change the names of the deals to reflect their business or specials.