How the Map Screen works

The map represents the center of where you live, work and serve customers. This location-based view represents the buying opportunities that are available to you now from local Econic merchants. The Map, very simply, presents the sellers near you that have a good or a service that is available to you now. This is why local businesses place their pin on the map in the location where they interact with customers.

How to Search the Map

When you tap into the Search bar in the map screen, you are presented a variety of options:

You can search by Address or the Name of the merchant.

This type of search will display the business or address in the center of the map.

Or you can select a Business Identity Attribute, such as Women-Owned Business and see only businesses that self-identify as women owned.

The Business you are looking for will have a green Map Marker to highlight it on the Map if it is open.  

The red pins represent sellers that are closed for business now .

The green pins represent sellers that are open for business now.

How to see the Business name of the pin

Tap on a pin once to reveal the name of the business.

Tap on the name to access the deals available from that Seller.

Understanding The Icons