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Messaging Econic to business owners

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Econic creates digital service channels at no cost to the owner

We allow SMBs, at no expense to the owner, to operate a fully featured digital solution where their customers can choose the services they wish to use and are charged a small convenience fee when they buy. With Econic, owners can identify, service and retain loyal customers, making this the best digital rewards platform for small business.

We offer in app:

  • Loyalty and rewards program
  • Mobile ordering and payments
  • Visibility to local customers on the map
  • Direct messaging to your customers
  • Support for Pickup, Take Out and Delivery
  • Appointment and service scheduling

How the Map Screen works

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The map represents the center of where you live, work and serve customers. This location-based view represents the buying opportunities that are available to you now from local Econic merchants. The Map, very simply, presents the sellers near you that have a good or a service that is available to you now. This is why local businesses place their pin on the map in the location where they interact with customers.

How to Search the Map

When you tap into the Search bar in the map screen, you are presented a variety of options:

You can search by Address or the Name of the merchant.

This type of search will display the business or address in the center of the map.

Or you can select a Business Identity Attribute, such as Women-Owned Business and see only businesses that self-identify as women owned.

The Business you are looking for will have a green Map Marker to highlight it on the Map if it is open.  

The red pins represent sellers that are closed for business now .

The green pins represent sellers that are open for business now.

How to see the Business name of the pin

Tap on a pin once to reveal the name of the business.

Tap on the name to access the deals available from that Seller.

Understanding The Icons

Econic’s Community Guidelines

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We’re glad you’re here. Please behave responsibly.

Econic is built upon a trusted network of verified local buyers and sellers that transact with each other digitally, and in the neighborhood, just like always. We are people that know and trust each other, say hello and care about each other. When we know and care about each other, we don’t commit fraud and post hurtful messages.

These Community Guidelines describe behaviors that are required or not allowed in Econic’s trusted environment. Violating any of these guidelines may result in loss of access to your Econic membership or the deletion of a buyer or seller account.

Econic’s 5 Simple Rules of Conduct

  1. Use your true identity Econic is based on real, verified identities. Fake buyers and sellers will be removed.
  2. Use valid payment methods Buyers are trusted based on executing successful transactions with payment methods that are current and in good standing.
  3. Buyers must receive Goods and Services purchased as listed Sellers guarantee the accuracy of the goods and services they have listed in their Econic store. Any item listed must be sold and received by the buyer as listed.
  4. Post Real Ratings and Support Concerns Buyers can only rate sellers after they have successfully purchased from a seller. You will honestly rate that experience. Buyers or Sellers who attempt to hack the ratings system or otherwise manipulate the ratings or the support system, will be immediately expelled.
  5. Do not engage in harmful activity Any activity that could hurt someone, whether physical harm, a scam or emotional distress, will not be tolerated.

Our members play an important role in keeping this a trusted community for buyers and sellers. Violating any of these guidelines can be reported in the Support-Feedback section of the app under Contact Support.