About Us

Younion, is turnkey digital commerce solution for local small business. Small business owners can launch a working digital business in 30 minutes. We do away with the technical skills, time and cash investment that used to be required. We take the risk out of making money with Younion AI.

We are solving two very big problems: first, local small business has been devastated by the pandemic. They need digital commerce to be competitive and survive, but most solutions are too difficult to implement or expensive for the limited margins SMBs work with. Younion solves this problem by focusing on making local small business convenient and attractive to local customers.

Second, we believe people should know who they are doing business with and who has access to their personal data. Younion gives people the choice of a Trusted Commerce solution that serves the interests of local business, customers and the communities they live in. We've created a place to buy and sell where everyone can be trusted. We call this Trusted Commerce.

Younion Verified Commerce Platform